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Denim Tunic Dress

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Another favorite of mine.

A lovely lightweight denim tunic/dress.

It has small buttons all the way down the front with pockets on either side.

It can be worn open as a long shirt or as a jacket, making it very versatile.

It has a simple collar with a seam below the bust line.

On the reverse, there is a pleat between the shoulders giving it shape.

The sleeves are 3/4 length, with fastenings that undo, so you can wear them longer if desired.

The hem has slits on both sides of the dress.

This is an oversize dress, that is incredibly easy to wear, it can be worn with bare legs, and trainers/Fitfloops or over leggings or tights.

You could team it up, with layers underneath so it can be worn on either hot or cooler days. 


100 % Tencel
Tencel™ Modal – is a natural-derived fabric. made from wood – specifically the pulp of beech trees
It is exceptionally soft and flexible
Tencel™ is a branded trademark, the fabric is known as Modal
It is one of the most sustainable and biodegradable of all fabrics
Comfort is also exceptional: Tencel™ Modal is super-soft, durable and flexible.

Size Guide

One Size
I am modeling this and am a size 10.
It has a lovely over-size feel, it is a very generous fit so I would say that it could easily fit from a size 10 to an approx size 18.
It is 62com across the body, length approx 110cm. The sleeves, from the shoulder seam, with the fastenings undone are approx 51cm, bear in mind, that on me the shoulders are dropped, giving me a longer-length sleeve.
The hem has slits at the side of the dress which is 31com in length.

Care Guide

They recommend a Hand wash.
Please note that with most of the clothes I sell they recommend a Hand wash, in my experience, they are usually fine on a gentle machine wash at 30 degrees., although I can make no guarantee of this and varies from garment to garment. As a guide, I tend to hand wash a garment the first time to see how it washes and to check for colour fastness.